Welcome to BLANC’s Culture Programme

Whether it’s prints, clothing or any future products. We want YOU involved in our design process.

March 2023 design choice: YOUR HOME

This month, BLANC's Culture Programme is promoting every day homes from around the world. We want YOU, The BLANC Community, to submit a photo of your home which could be chosen to be on one of our products. Sounds good right? Read on to find out how to get involved. 

February's winner - Meg.

A home that celebrates friendship, conversation and a good time with friends. Click here to read Meg's Q&A that helped us create this piece. Available for purchase. 

The Submission


                                                   The Art                                                             

Want your own home turning into art? Carry on reading. 

What is "YOUR HOME"? 

Your home is your home; a place for relaxing, being with friends, family and creating memories.

What better way to celebrate this than to create a design based off your home filled with these joys.


To celebrate you as a person in your home. 

Celebrating these every day homes of The BLANC Community which are filled with boundless memories and enjoyments is absolutely necessary. 

This has become a reoccurring theme when interacting with our customers... "You wouldn't want to come to my home”.

But we do. That is the exact thing we want for BLANC and The Community.

When looking at our collection of prints, they display colourful, grand homes that seem far away from reality. So by working with your intimate space that define who you are, is exactly what we want.

it is our job to create something, YOUR HOME, into a piece of art which The BLANC Community can relate to. Displaying the real story of everyday living for the everyday person. 


What’s in it for me? 

It's a good question.

If your home is chosen, we will produce a piece of artwork available to sell to all BLANC customers.

You as the winner will also receive the first edition of the print signed in A3 size, completely FREE.

Most importantly, the design will be named after you and be a notable part in creating the foundations of BLANC’s Culture Programme.

More than anything, who doesn't want their home turning into a piece of art? Show off your space. Let’s create a story about you and your home.


You can enter here.

Alternatively, you can send JPEG or PDF files / images to hello@blanchouse.com or via direct message on Instagram @blancprintsuk

All photos must be a realistic version of your every day home.

We will contact the winner and watch the process unfold on our Instagram @blancprintsuk. 

Good luck!