BLANC are a member of the prestigious platform, SuperRare. BLANC started creating 1/1 NFT’s in January 2022. The collection and pieces we made over the course of 10 weeks, where we would drop a piece for live auction every Wednesday. We decided to do this to offer a seperate outlet for BLANC. Keeping societal relevance and exploiting opportunity was a major factor in deciding when we first started doing this.
Over the weeks, BLANC showcased a plethora of 10 NFT’s, where each piece explored a different dimension and story of an interior. The co-founder, Libby, drew places that sung to her in a way that reflected her creative abilities and allowed for expression within the NFT world. 
BLANC followed their intuition with each piece; extraordinary whilst in keeping with their cultural design allowed for the pieces to tell a visual story within NFT’s and of life. Each of the NFT’s holds a different value. They tell a different story and create an individualistic perception. 
If you wish to purchase or view our NFT's, follow the SuperRare link at the bottom of the page in the footer.


What is an NFT

NFT’s or “non fungible tokens” are unique 1/1, digital assets that are secured on a blockchain (i.e Ethereum). Often take the form of an image, video or song, where the holder has full blockchain-proven ownership of the asset.

 NFT’s have created a new medium for artists and collectors to share their art.

Why does NFT art have value? Why are NFTs so expensive?

Same as physical art, four factors contribute towards the value of an NFT art  — how expensive it becomes.

 The first is the “market-driven value”, which depends on the resale value and popularity of the artist or brand. The second is the “subjective value”. It involves the moral statement or political message that is conveyed by the art — how it makes you feel.

Another value determinant of NFT arts is the “objective value”. This involves the experience and technical skill by which it was created. Lastly is the “historical value” the piece of digital art has. All these factors contribute to how people value NFTs

What are NFTs used for?

NFTs can be used to indicate ownership of rare assets which represents real-world items like real estate and artwork. People can feel a part of something, much like a real life club.

What’s the point?

Well, there you go. It’s all subjective. There is potential to make a lot of money within the NFT space, and hold something unique. Whilst also, there is a lot of stuff out there that isn’t worth investing in. So it really is up to you. What BLANC would say is, if you care, do your research on it and get to know it slowly but surely. If you have an questions on this or these FAQ’s, give us a message.