BLANC was co-founded in 2021 by a young couple based in Hackney, East London. Michael and Libby began creating designs to enhance their vision of a collaborative and distinct brand. The idea was to give meaning and purpose by compounding different cultures together through visionary design. This would allow BLANC to create its strong foundations of societal relevance.

It started as an idea. Knowing BLANC had a backbone of integrity, others saw what we believed in too. Seizing every opportunity, BLANC began networking with different corners of society through meet-ups, events and varied research techniques to understand who they are and what was demanded from them as an innovative brand.

BLANC concluded. It was necessary to inspire those around them to integrate different cultures through inspired design where people can feel relevant, respected and connected to those around them. Two visionaries deeply caring and having a dream of harmonising different areas of society to create a space of freedom and acceptance within the brand culture. This would lead both the consumer and BLANC to create a passionate relationship to find a place within society for themselves to initiate their own culture between them. 

An obsession with understanding and helping its people.