BLANC's February Culture Programme winner - Meg. A home that celebrates friendship, conversation and a good time. Below are the questions that Meg answered to help us create the print. 

Thank you Meg for letting us celebrate your home and allowing others to appreciate it too. 

The home of Megan.


What do you enjoy doing? 

Playing cards, going on crisp walks, eating good food (anything Italian or Japanese), buying more art than can fit on my walls, talking rubbish with friends, drinking tea or wine depending on the time of day, keeping my plants alive. 

Tell us some of your special objects/items that mean something to you?

An original painting of beautiful whales that my partner bought me. 

What are you passionate about? 

Those who are worse off in society shouldn't just be forgotten bout - we all have a duty and responsibility to support one another give that any of us could come on hard times need that very same support. 

Describe yourself in 3 word?

A caring, dorky over-thinker.

Who do you find inspiration from?

My closest friends.


Available in all sizes -  S, M & L. The prints are digitally printed onto 400gsm paper, checked and stored in a cool place.

S-  21 x 30 CM

M- 30 x 40 CM

L- 50 x 70 CM

**For orders of L prints, please allow a 5 working day processing time before dispatch.

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